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January 25, 2010 / consort3

LS3/5A Inspiration

Jeff Bagby from the Parts express forum has just designed the best non-commercial clone of this classic BBC design. His Continuum even has the bass driver mounted behind the baffle just like the classic. But the Aurum Cantus driver Jeff uses is unobtainium in the UK. Actually he uses the AC130F1 which has a part polypropylene cone. That is a nice link with Harwood who pioneered and patented that material for speaker cones and also designed the LS3/5A. A TM130F1  is available here which I guess is the AC driver with a different badge:

Funnily enough the best thread on Jeff’s design is not in Techtalk but this Audiocircle one:

The best modern commercial  examples of the genre are  surely the Harbeth and the Stirling sound.

Interesting modern DIY version with some background

Click to access DIYRM-A%20Version%201_0.pdf

Another interesting commercial design of  this size is the Pro-Ac Tablette which for some reason is hardly mentioned in LS3/5 discussions about modern clones, perhaps because it is a ported design.  A ported design will have lower bass than the same box size in a sealed design.

The  classic uses a 5.25″ woofer the equally classic  Kef B110.  Since I did not want to have to build some cabinets I looked around for some suitable ready made units to experiment with. The DAP3109 were on special offer from CPC and I bought a pair (see separate blog about this)

Nice French project using this size driver here:

Update: Possible world record price for a pair of LS3/5A –$3500 on Ebay. Falcon Acoustics are now selling new B110s

Update: I was unaware of the JBL LSR6325P a modern active studio monitor of roughly the same size as the Ls3/5

Interesting bake-off of DIY LS3/5A clones (in German but you can use Google translate)

Using the new Falcon Acoustics drivers in a Stirling cabinet

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