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September 25, 2010 / consort3

Rhythm of the rails

Continuing the theme of the last post here is Johnny Cash at St Quentin

Got the rhythm of the rails yet? Here’s Roger Whittaker

Great website on the good old E A R & H (East African Railways and Harbours):

Stephanie Trick with Honky Tonk Train Blues

Here is Keith Emerson and Oscar Petersons version

Hank Snow with Southbound

Dolly Parton with Blue Smoke (starts at 0.52)

Hank Marvin with Mystery Train

Joe Brown and Phil Capaldi with a brilliant version

The original is significantly different. Here on Train kept a-rollin’ we move from Jazz to Rock to heavy metal There is also a nice version by the Yardbirds avaliable on Youtube.

Neil Young with Southern Pacific

Chuck Berry on freakin fire

British skiffle/rock pioneer Lonnie Donegan

Lonnie was a great entertainer here with Chas & Dave of Joe Meek fame

Early British Blues, Cyril  Davies, Country line special

Ten years after

Magic Sam (from 3mins27)

Dire Straits

Van Morrison

Jack Jones (travelling on my Jack Jones ie alone)

Vernons Girls Lover Please

Jethro Tull Locomotive breath

The Seekers Morningtown ride By a strange coincidence Judith Durham hails  from near Mornington a suburb of Melbourne but the song has no connection with the suburb.

Mystery Pacific by Django Reinhardt

Orchestral piece, Pacific 231 by Honegger

More on the Train beat:

Dusty Springfield It won’t be long

James Brown Night train

Your favourite engine might be a Pacific but mine, with a liking for simple designs is the Hunslet 18 (do not mention the A word) Photo from 1966 with Giesl chimney

Could not leave this subject without the classic Auden/Britten Night mail


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