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September 15, 2012 / consort3

Raspberry Pi

Nice to see the Mk2 version of this is being made at Sonys Pencoed Plant. My late mate helped set the plant up in 1978. Trevor-san

Interesting that the RS and Farnell Pi’s are different and made on different days. ” RS and Farnell are using different HDMI adaptors, and different CSI and DSI ports. (It’s to do with where they could each get the best deals on components.) There are no mechanical differences, but there is a cosmetic difference. They’re still being made on the same line: on RS days, different reels are used from the reels used on Farnell days.”

I am wondering if there is enough processing power in the Pi to do digital crossovers, looks like we are getting there:

They have cracked the USB interface problem:

This is going to happen:

Wolfson have come up with an audio interface card with programmable filters are they good enough for crossovers?

For more serious tweaking:

Takes me back to my time in the west country and Wales. When I was a student in Cardiff in the early seventies any self respecting student would read Melody Maker or New Musical express which in those days were about 70 pages thick. I remember reading the ads “lead guitarist wanted, must be able to read” I was amused by this and remarked to my mate who said “Yeah, they mean music” Latest musician who fessed up not being able to “read” Jeff Lynne of ELO so do not let it hold you back!

We trooped off to an obscure venue to see an obscure support band. I forget who the main act was but the support band was Stackridge which I had not seen or heard before.. They were late and the crowd was getting restless. I had recently seen a support act which was well known being booed,so I was getting nervous. Anyway they came on a started with a rousing rendition of the Orange blossom special which settled the crowd down. Then they played songs like Dora the female explorer and finished with Slark. They won the crowd over. I later went to their Christmas show at the Cardiff student union where they appeared with the Pigsty Hill light orchestra. My claim to fame is that I stood next to the Stackridge band members at the union bar! Much later I disovered they had opened and closed an obscure festival called Glastonbury, which grew and grew. Amazingly they are still gigging though without their early violionist and flautist, a line-up which made them unusual for a rock band.
It did not register at the time, but the album “The man in the bowler hat” was produced by George Martin. In fact the drummer Billy became Martin’s Personal assistant.
I went to a recent gig with my kids who were impressed. The lady violinist had the Mike Evans pieces nailed. One slight quibble, they seem to have become politically correct with the lyrics.
When you have penned “Remembers herbal niceties he found in the veldt” For me, reminiscent of Marlowe’s mighty line.
To change “careering along in my creosote car” to something like “driving along in my black car” seems retrograde. Again I remarked on this to my mate who said “Its their song, they can do what they like with it”.
To contrast that, at the same festival were the bleach boys Oh good I thought a beach boys covers band. Wrong! a full-on punk band complete with effing lyrics. Too much for the young families but listening to the 50 year olds doing punk I finally got the punk genre. Well, I am a bit slow on the uptake. Its teenage angst innit!



BBC news item 38 years on:

Stackridge were at the first Glastonbury festival and Arthur Brown was at the second. Arthur has revived his Crazy World of Arthur Brown and is still rocking at 72. Any resemblance between him and Alice Cooper is purely coincidental.

Madness were at Glastonbury 2016 Video features an impossibly young Suggs It must be Love

The immortal Fred Wedlock, The Folker

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