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February 10, 2013 / consort3

Hi fi humour

Me tasting the latest batch of moonshine:


Engineer: Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge


My solution to the lateral tracking error problem. Don’t get me started on inertia.


Delightfully nostalgic article on how to choose a pick-up arm:

Contemporary amplifier selection

I was working in my Lab late one night…

Some hi-fi definitions from a Mad magazine of 1958

Tuner A salt water fish

Amplifier What you make to burn an ampli

Pickup Someone to listen to hi-fi records with

Wow Listening to hi-fi records with loose pickup

Flutter Reaction during Wow

Resistor What you should do with loose pickup

Diamond needle What Hi-fi guy gets from impatient marriage minded girlfriend

Pitch What you get from hi-fi salesman

Flutter is the 7 letter F-word in aviation circles. It was first documented in 1916 by Leonard Bairstow. Flutter can be serious, see this Youtube video of aircraft:

The infamous Tacoma Narrows Bridge was a victim of flutter:

Analysis of failure of another bridge from the same area:

🆕Millenium bridge wobble:

Talking of failing bridges Bobby Darins Clementine

The worlds biggest Trestle bridge


Worlds longest pedestrian bridge

The World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge is ready to open

Dangerous Bridges

Amusing Diyaudio thread on the Tiger amp which had a reputation for thermal runaway.

Bonsai (after William Blake)

Tiger tiger burning bright,
your output circuit is black as night
Your front end looks great
but its the overall oscillations that we hate
They are, we fear, linked to that Output stage
and that really shows your age
For the culprit is that common collector
that really screws the transfer vector
We see excess gain and poles galore
and then, just when we thought it safe, even more
no miller capacitor just like Doug told us
this I tell you is why there is a fuss!
So friends, lets ditch this burning design
and go for something a bit more benign.

Actually looking at the circuit, Bonsai means commoned collector, as the  output stage is common emitter, which may explain the tendency for thermal runaway.

Not hifi but worth saying:

Father Pierre, why did you stay on in this colonial Campari-land, where the clink of glasses mingles with the murmur of a million mosquitoes, where waterfalls of whiskey wash away the worries of a world-weary whicker, where gin and tonics jingle in a gyroscopic jubilee of
something beginning with J?”

There is an Audionervosa forum

The state of the art with Audiophilia

There is always someone a teency bit more obsessive

These are his LF horns en-route:


New op-amp

Which kind of Hifi critic are you?

The original turbo-encabulator


What an immersive, cutting-edge articulation on the state-of-the-art in audio literary achievement. Punching well above your weight class, your words removed an invisible veil and allowed everything to just snap into focus. Like turning on a light switch, it made a night and day difference providing the dynamic ambience necessary to result in an order-of-magnitude epiphany. Courtesy XEagleDriver

Vanilla Bass, chocolatey mids, and strawberry highs: neapolitan speakers give you the best flavors at every frequency. Courtesy ShadyJ

The article that prompted the above 2 paragraphs:

Good example of the genre follows:

“But the Qutest offers more resolution here. Greater texture and nuance cling to the wheeling cymbal, double bass plucks and Porter’s honey-thick vocals, all of which have plenty of room on the Qutest’s expansive canvas. Its presentation is slightly bigger and more spacious than that of the DAC it replaces, giving musical elements greater scope to evolve without bumping into each other. We play Peter Broderick’s Eyes Closed and Traveling, and there’s a new dynamic facility to our system. The piano piece is an exhibition of Broderick’s ability to shift from delicate to devastating within a few strikes of the keys, and the Qutest faithfully conveys the undulating dynamics, clocking the sudden surges as well as the subtler simmerings. Notes have crisper, more distinct leading edges, carry warmth and texture in abundance, and never decay prematurely – even when forthcoming notes tumble over the top. Timing is that bit tighter too, which helps the Qutest sniff out a rhythmic structure when one comes its way. With Biffy Clyro’s My Recovery Injection it not only captures the dissonance of that stinging lead guitar but also how it coalesces with the walking bassline and slicing cymbals. That rhythmic mastery is further revealed as we play Spoon’s Pink Up. The impressive drive, for which we’ve always rated the 2Qute, propels the disco-flavoured psychedelica on its unerring journey, and response to shifts in pace is slick and natural. From the soundstage-filling shakers to the xylophone melody and glitchy vocal, everything orbits the track’s solid metric beat. The Qutest is as happy rocking out to tumultuous tunes as it is rolling with classical compositions.”

If you want immersive:

Encounter with Japanese electronic toilet

Translate those French technical terms (read comments as well)

Why BS is no laughing matter

A mathematical BS detector!

The asymmetry of BS

We have reached peak BS. Evan Davis new book on the subject:

How to detect BS

How to fight BS

The BS business
Good articles on BS

History of audio BS. I like the analogy of turntables and carburettors.

I am currently in the process of benchmarking best-in-class customer relationship management and ERP value proposition key business processes to maximize implementation of key performance indicators to drive strategy and growth goals important to my major stakeholders. I appreciate the holistics of the big picture in the context of blue water thinking but my innovative, customer focused management initiative shows out of the box thinking.

🆕Modern office jargon

🆕More  jargon (no paywall)

Good rant by John Krutke on subjective testing

Evaluation Myths Busted

Apropos Rick Parfitt’s tribute courtesy XKCD


🆕 Another courtesy XKCD


Charming period song from 1957 by Flanders and Swann

Big bang Howards member and the robot arm

George Izzard O’Veerings house is up for sale


Truth is stranger than fiction



Mad? When most scientists realise how little they are going to be paid for the rest of their lives they’re bloody furious.

🆕We didn’t take things too seriously in the old days:

The cause of this hot summer:


Forum hi-fi humour thread:


Does this article remind you of some hi-fi reviews?

The hi-fi hobby can takeover your life:





The Hifi cartoon humour of Charles Rodrigues (above) is celebrated on these websites:

British software humour

Benny Hill and Diana Darvey


While researching the Nelson Pass AB100 amplifier I came across this thread. Scroll down to post 6 ,I resemble that remark

OTT high fi systems

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