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March 9, 2013 / consort3


With my interest in loudspeakers I find it frustrating that there is is not a modern, economically viable way yet for amateur enthusiasts to do the crossover function. Sure, you can buy a Behringer DCX2496  or a MiniDSP but neither of these reflect the fact that the silicon can cost peanuts  (to be fair to the DCX2496 it is a versatile piece of kit). Behringer have introduced a cheaper version of the 2496 without the digital input. Recently I saw that Neil Davis (off the Techtalk forum and DSPIY (Thierry) off the French Home cinema forum had the same idea to use the Adau1701 with Sigmasound to create a package hobbyists could use. So we are almost there! I think TI and Freescale who have the technology are missing a trick here. The do stuff for pros but if a package was avaliable for amateurs they would make a fortune.
I was reading an old magazine article on crossovers I wrote in 1993 and I mentioned DSPs being used in the Celestion DLP600 and the Philips DSS930. It is disappointing that apart from a few high end makers DSP has not caught on in the 23 years since!

Neil Davis:

Thierry: in French but I am sure you can use google translate

Sure Electronics have come up with a package to use the Adau1701. For about $40 in hardware you can be programming using Sigmasound:

Or should we be looking at alternatives:

Another way of getting that functionality is to buy a home cinema amp with it built in, Onkyo TX-NR818:

Yet another way is to buy a car amp with it built in, the Pioneer DEQ S1000A

Probably the cheapest way to go DSP is currently the Behringer Inuke 1000DSP which seems to have most of the features of the DCX2496 and has built in class D amps. If you do not like Class D you can get the Minidsp for $80 and build my darlington amps.
Talking of technology it was Joe Meek who used a lot of it to produce his hit Telstar which heralded the communications revolution. Hi Fi enthusiasts might be perturbed to find how much the sound is processed by the record producers. To this day there is a Joemeek compressor beloved of record producers.


Johnny remember me :

🆕Absolutely signature Meek production John Leytons Son this is she

Another Meek/Goddard production Tribute to Buddy Holly

Just like Eddie:

Mike Berry, Don’t you think its time. A mention for an unsung hero  Geoff Goddard. Sadly Joe fell out with Geoff about 1965.

Tornados theme from a summer place

Tornados Robot with Scopitones video

Joe had more influence on technology than I first thought

🆕Not a lot of people know that Chas Hodges of Chas and Dave also Richie Blackmore were in Joe’s house band, the Outlaws. R.I.P Chas. With a unique set of musical influences Chas and Dave came up with a unique style:

If you are a meekfreak you can join the Joe Meek society on Facebook here:

🆕Treasure trove of Joe Meeks’ tapes

The American equivalent to Joe Meek, Van Gelder:

They are going back to analogue mastering:

Expensive analogue mixing desk:

You could play Joe Meeks Telstar on this:


More on the Highway and other car vinyl systems

How to convert music into colours

Are you allergic to radio waves?

Failure of record formats and the reason

Who came first?

Update 4/11/20 Parts express have the Adau1701 system outlined above–325-130

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