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August 18, 2014 / consort3

Raspberry Pi Part 2

I wondered about using a Raspberry Pi and Wolfson audio card as a cost effective active crossover filter. So I bought both. I found the Pi to be a compact, low power, noise free computer. I bought it with the NOOBs operating system pre-installed on a SD card. I was surfing the net using Midori very soon as it was plug and play. It crashed occasionally but it was like being back in the Windows 3.1 and DOS days. However the Wolfson card was a problem. Although some extol its virtues, unless you are very computer literate, I would not buy this card. I had upgraded the operating system on-line from 3.10 to 3.12. This was unfortunate as Ragnar had based his working system for the Wolfson around the 3.10 version! However I found Georg had a way to update a later system. I found this was incomplete though and had to use some of Ragnars files to complete it. Even then I still needed a player. Perhaps it would be easier to download an image of Mikelangelos Volumio onto a SD card. The support since Wolfson was bought by Cirrus has not been evident. The features of the Wolfson are tantalising though. The board has 4 channels of parametric EQ and 4 channels of low or high pass filters. Marki has published a way of using Wolfson tools to program the Alsamixer





This DIYaudio thread gives some clues as to how to configure the WM5102

In the end I used SDformatter to format the SD card with the Format size adjustment on then used Win32diskimager to write Ragnars image file, then I loaded LXaudio and finally set the playback to lineout script. As someone pointed out Ragnar rocks! Another way of compiling the kernel (in German)

Volumio thread

Cirrus has released a new board compatible with the RaspberryPi A+ and B+ models and with that some new drivers, also a new image file on the Element 14 website

At present (6/2/15) the Cirrus card will not work with the Raspberry PI 2. It needs Cirrus to complete their work on the 3.18 driver.

A camera with Xenon flash upsets the Pi2:

Update Cirrus have completed their work on the 3.18 driver (i.e Raspberry2)

Using Debian Jessie

A cheaper way of implementing Raspberry PI crossover using generic USB dac

Thread on the crossover idea

A programmable digital expander for the PI Guzunty

First Pi in space note date

Watch out for 19 January 2038. Another millenium bug?

Amazingly the same counter overflow has just happened on the B787 248 day problem!

Unix has the 2038 overflow problem as well:

The most cost effective way to get audio out of the Pi zero

But this will be better the Phat Dac

Adding ethernet to the Pi Zero

Avaliability of Pi Zero

Access to the on board graphics processor

Raspberry Pi3 with wi-fi

Combined DAC and class D amplifier for the Pi

Pi-DigiAMP+ – IQaudIO Limited

Bluetooth audio with Pi3

Matthias has a new driver for the Wolfson/Cirrus card. The Cirrus card is obsolete. Just as Matthias completed his great work, the card goes out of production!

🆕Matthias deserves a medal for his continuing support of the wolfson /cirrus card. Latest page of thread:

DAC plus amp for the Pi Zero

Pi internet radio

Interesting thread on Pi audio

Raspberry PI with squeezebox

Raspberry Pi music server with 3 way crossovers using 7.1 amp

More on software crossover filters

Now we are 6- Pi. Good summary of the journey

How to use the Wolfson board with the Pi3

🆕Pi3 Desktop!

🆕Disc drive with Pi

Cheap Pi DAC

🆕SPDIF interface

🆕Possible alternative to the Mniidsp or Ultradrive DCX2496

🆕24/6/19 Raspberry Pi 4 launched

🆕Problem with Pi4 power supply

Turn your Pi4 into a HTPC

Overclocking the Pi4,40559.html

Amiga emulator on Pi

Cooling Pi4

🆕 Windows 10 on a Pi4

They have fixed the USB-C power supply problem

🆕Interesting Tech-talk thread on the Pi

Using a SSD drive with the Pi,39782.html

28/5/20  8 Gbyte Pi available!

Good article on the basics of getting sound from the Pi.

How to configure a high quality camera for the Pi

How to turn your Pi zero into a computer

The mysteries of Alsa explained:

Make your Pi into an Amiga

Possible better operating system for audio

RS485 interface for Raspberry PI

Floppy disc interface for the Pi

Windows 11 on the Pi

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