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November 10, 2014 / consort3

Renaissance to Rock

Updated 29 June 2016

I was introduced to Renaissance music in the early 1970’s by Jan Akkerman’s Lute playing
The day job

The piece is 400 years old. But the music is by British composer  Dowland who was a contemporary of Shakespeare.  Did they know each other? I was looking for a link, then found a piece called Lady Hunsdon’s alemain (or puffe). Apparently it was named puffe since this  strenuous dance made the dancers puff! Since Lord Hunsdon was in charge of  Shakespeare’s players I think there was a link. I wondered why I liked such disparate music as Status Quo with its 12 bar blues form and Renaissance Pavanes. Then I found in this excellent piece on Barbershop singing a link between 12 bar and the Quadrant Pavane

There is a sexier link between Shakespeare and Dowland. The Elisabethan court had employed Italian musicians to teach them the lute and one of the families was the Bassanos. It is now widely held that Emilia Lanier (nee Bassano) was the Dark Lady of the sonnets. The English lutenists in turn travelled all over Europe for instance Dowland went to Denmark. See this (the golden age chapter and the previous chapter):

For more on Shakespeare see my piece on Shakespeare Scrapbook

Back to Dowland

Guitar interpretation by Jamie Andreas the Hunsdon piece is second

Renaissance music Watkins Ale

Renaissance choir:

Incidentally I was lucky enough to see Focus (Jan Akkerman’s group) about 1972. Brilliant! Akkermans cutting lead guitar and Van Leer’s organ, flute and vocals with his staring eyes and unkempt hair was like a latter day Beethoven. I bought  the records but they sounded bland, needing mid-range boost to restore the ‘concert’ sound. The Dowland piece is on Akkermans solo album Tabernakel Talking of great guitarists I wondered what had happened to Ritchie Blackmore. Post Purple he founded Rainbow, now he ‘s got another band Blackmore’s Night who do medieval stuff as well:

More modern but better than Ralph Mctell’s original. Candice has shades of Sandy Denny  & Maddy Prior

Who is Maddy Prior? Well here she is performing with Steeleye Span

Pachebels canon updated

Classical comedy version of the Canon

Demis Roussos variation on a theme:

Los poptops variation

Switched on version of the Canon with good visual presentation

Another  descending bass line chord progression, Percy Sledge:

RIP Percy

Jackie Wilson, Alone at last based on Tchaikovskys no 1 piano concerto

Bob Marley

Procul Harum Whiter shade of pale

Jackie Mittoo Reggae version

Derived from Air on a g string lovely guitar version

The Toys, Lovers Concerto, derived from Minuet in G major

Dave Brubeck Take five

Reggae version of Take five

Reggae love song Tenderly by Ginger Williams

Boris Gardiner with Elizabethan reggae

Another version of Elizabethan serenade by Roger Whiitaker

Jethro Tull performing a version of Bach’s Bourre in E minor

Bach meets Michael Jackson with the Piano Guys

Pop to Classical Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody played by a fairground organ

Peaceful and poignant Bream performing Concerto de Aranjuez

Pop to jazz Louie Louie by way of Cast my fate to the wind

Slow tempo version of Louie Louie by Julie London

Now cast your fate to the wind

Another genre change to Ska

More reggae Johnny Nash

big band version of Blowin in the wind

Dudley Moore’s take on Beethoven:

Pachebels Canon in the style of Beethovens Moonlight sonata

Deep Purples take on Beethoven

Beethovens Ode to joy in various styles

Jon Lord doing BookerT with Bach

I cannot get enough of Lords growly Hammond. Have mercy. Bear with intro till 1.30. Oh dear, I seem to have moved from the Medieval to Memphis.

More Hammond sound Spencer Davis Group

More Steve Winwood

Even more Hammond organ Red River Rock

How to get your guitar sounding like a Hammond organ

Jon Lord Pre-Purple 1966

Gillan & Glover Pre-Purple doing Mozart

Classic Deep Purple track I had not heard for years

Another classic Deep Purple track


John lee Hooker Boom  boom  boom

Brilliant cover of the above with the legendary Canvey island coffin dodger Wilko Johnson There cannot be many rock guitarists who could recite the medieval Piers Plowman

More helpings of Dr Feelgood. Lee was great as well

Canned heat On the road again

Glen Campbell, the William Tell overture. Just saw live a great version of this by the Barron Knights (incredibly 55 years in the business)

Digital dexterity from Glen

TTFN Jimmy Young The man from Laramie

Mrs Mills Honky tonk version of Tavern in the town. Abbey road studios still have the Mrs Mills piano

Fats Waller, I’m gonna write myself a letter

Boogie Woogie piano from 1938

Elvis. Mess of Blues. Great rolling blues piano style

Elvis. His latest flame

Elvis similar piano treatment on Feel so bad

🆕Elvis Stuck on you

Elvis Piano genius Floyd Kramer with Last date

Let’s be careful out there Hill St Blues theme tune

Another poignant theme tune Take 3 girls Pentangle

Bobby Timmons Moanin

Jools Holland Bumble Boogie

Tribute to Barry Norman, Film critic, his theme tune

Flamin Groovies Laurie did it

Monkees Daydream believer

Box Tops Soul Deep–f55NUHGbo

Fortunes Caroline Takes me back to the pirate ships

Riders on the storm

R. Dean Taylor Gotta see Jane

I was lucky enough to be at a pre-tour tryout gig about 1999 when the Who got back together. It was touching to see Roger and Pete embrace at the end of the gig as they realised they could still hack it.–K5928M

Van Morrison Brown eyed girl

RIP Mr Newman of Thunderclap Newman

Eclection Nevertheless from 1968

Soul limbo cricket theme

Talking of Cricket here is 10cc

From leather to rubber, Kim Wildes Dad Marty, her Mum was a Vernons girl BTW

Mix of the Evs and the Shadows styles, the Searchers

Keep on by Bruce Channel

Contemporary of Marty Wilde, Joe Brown, still rocking  with Sea of Heartbreak

Another contemporary, I am just too young to realise how big a star Billy Fury was, he was sadly taken too soon

Dave Edmunds, Queen of Hearts

1994 Welsh rockers Dave Edmunds and  a young looking Geraint Watkins with a Chuck Berry number

Marmalade, Baby make it soon

King Curtis Memphis soul stew

Staying alive N trance


Sandie Shaw Long live love

Manfred Mann Go now

Whatever it is Booker T and Steve Cropper have still got it. Green Onions at the Stax Prom. Brilliant event by the way.

Booker T Groovin

Dire Straits Gotta time those woohoos

Village Stompers Washington Square

Woolly Bully or should it be Willy Boly?

🆕Junior Walker Road Runner

🆕The four Tops Walk away Renee

🆕Jay and the Americans Living above your head

🆕Well, Quo opened it, but this contribution from Queen to the 1985 Live aid concert isn’t bad

🆕Cat Stevens Tuesdays dead from that great LP teaser and the firecat

🆕PP Arnold First cut

🆕Enya Orinoco flow

🆕Searchers If you want me

🆕James Carr Drowning man

🆕Rascals Good Lovin’


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