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March 10, 2015 / consort3

Aviation mysteries

Malaysian Airlines MH370

The original article pointing out a possible precedent for this mystery as the Eygptair incident, has re-appeared.

This article is also moot:

With the publication of the interim report my suspicions were aroused by losing the transponders so soon after the waypoint. However the co-pilot (who acknowledge the air traffic control message just before) might have decided to visit the toilet at that point and the captain would have donned his oxygen mask initiating the flash fire (see Egptair precedent 1)  and this:

Or he might have locked the cockpit door and  turned the transponders off etc. In which case this article is moot

If there is criminal intent there is means, motive and opportunity. What would be the motive? Was Zaharie threatened in some way?

Zaharie’s personal life was coming apart.

The controlled course changes look suspicious as does the Malaysian authorities cover-up.   However the observations of a plane on fire should give the benefit of doubt to the pilot . Otherwise it is a politically convenient method for diverting the blame, as happened on the Mull of Kintyre 1994 helicopter crash.

A good summary here but he remarkably manages to avoid the Eygptair precedents!

Eygptair precedent 1

There is another possible Egyptair precedent (purely coincidental it does not make Egyptair any worse than anyone else in my view) Flight 990

Interesting theory from a pilot- start reading from the end and work upwards

Further analysis and info on this idea

More discussion on a forum

As usual the Australians are sensible about the one pilot in cockpit scenario

One of the best sources for MH370 info is the Reddit site:

Interesting analysis of the MH370 mystery

They may have been looking in the wrong place!

Interesting circumstantial evidence on Zaharie’s flight simulator:

Austalian pilot Byron Bailey’s theory on MH370:

The FAA sets safety rules

Latest factual discussion on MH370

Interesting theory on MH370

Another blog on the mystery, the most currently active blog:

Jeff Wises blog is good on MH370

French satellite shows possible MH370 break up debris

Oct 2017. The consensus after all this time seems to be that Zaharie deliberately flew the plane to the Southern Indian ocean but there is another mystery did he ditch it after gliding or dive it in when the fuel ran out? These guys think it was ditched:

June 2019 Good summary of the MH370 story:

The extraordinary tale of Eastern Airlines flight 980

The mystery of Pan Am flight 7

The search for Amelia Earhart

The Plane hunters

In 1971 Dan Cooper hijacked a 727 out of Portland and parachuted out with $200k:

1961 B52 crash involving nuclear bombs:

I have just watched a film on the Air Transport Auxiliary delivering a Whitley aircraft.

To make it more interesting there is a story involving the Royal Observer Corps listening out for aircraft. I could not find the listening device they used, except this Barr and Stroud device in a Swedish museum.

I wonder if the last photo here (and indeed the film) depicts the Barr and Stroud M1937 mentioned in the Mechtraveller article

More on aircraft listening devices

Not a lot of people know that you can get a direct flight from Cairo to Tel Aviv. The airline is Air Sinai.

New documentary on Ch5, the Dam busters. How did a mild mannered academic sort like Barnes Wallis become a designer of destructive weapons? Whatever, Guy Gibson harshly sacked Cyril Anderson for bringing his bomb back. Mentioned in the 2 following links

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