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February 28, 2017 / consort3


I am always tweaking this blog. Unfortunately I tend to edit existing posts, so it is worth re-checking pages you are interested in, if you have visited before.

Changelog 3/7/17 Zeptobars link added to Darlington amp pt4 page. Ulysses link added to Shakespeare scrapbook page. 19/7/17 Switched on version of Pachebels canon added to Renaissance to Rock page. 28/7/17 Hi tech version of the Tempest link on Shakespeare scrapbook page, Raspberry Pi with Squeezebox link on Raspberry Pi Part2 page.  2/8/17 Richard Lord R.I.P. and Wah-wah pedal link on Loudspeaker projects page. 9/8/17 JLH Class A analysis link on Simple Twin T oscillator page. 13/8/17 Pirate Radio link on 80 years of BBC TV page. 17/8/17 Tone control link added to Minimalist Duelund crossover page, more unsung heroes added to Olympus page.


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