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February 11, 2020 / consort3

Gleanings 2

I was unaware of the Teac Tascam and Portastudio cassette recorders or that they were 40 years old, until I saw this article in the IET house magazine:

Unbluetoothing a Bluetooth speaker. The economies of scale on mass production mean that this counter-intuitive idea might be cost effective:

Don Lancaster has put his famous Active filter Cookbook up for free download on his website:

Circuit exhibiting chaotic behaviour

3D printed valves are saving lives in Italy

High tech. Nice to see geranium make a come-back

How to escape Covid

Covid data update

Important article on Covid

Better Covid data preentation

WW1 wireless phones in cockpit

Stan Curtis’ infamous digital speaker article in April 1 edition of Hifi for pleasure

23 Dec. 2020 I saw Stans wife Angela on Anglia Today. Stan is working on a Covid detector.

Is a Schitt DAC compatible with a Creek  amplifier or will I be up Schitt Creek?

I unearthed a copy of Roger Driscolls “Practical Hi-fi sound” from 1980, pre CD days. Such ephemera as a list of cassette tape makers: Agfa, Ampex, Audio Magnetics, BASF, EMI, Fuji, Grundig, Hitachi, Maxell, Memorex, Philips, Pyral, Racal-Zonal, Ross, Scotch, Sony, TDK.

Baking damaged reel to reel tapes:

Joe Meeks techniques It is compulsory that you play the Bad Penny blues link!

Bats in your Belfry? Their evolution:

Interesting site, particularly good on Naim amplification

Transistor substitutions list

How to digitise an old Telequipment D43 oscilloscope

Telequipment were based in Hoddesdon and an acquaintance of mine worked there. Founded in 1952 by Bob Groom, their first scope dates from 1954  the 520 model. When they were bought by Tektronix in 1967 they had 300 employees and exported 45% of production. In 1988 the site was shut down. Barn find Telequipment scope:

I wondered if Scopex of Letchworth, founded in 1972, had any connnection with Telequipment and sure enough it had:

Channel B comes before Channel A!


Scopex came up with the Voyager in 1982 claimed as the first scope with LCD display.

Other Scope makers, Cossor of Harlow and Nagard of Belmont, who got bought out by Advance of Hainault, who got bought out by Gould of the US.

I just found that Monitor Audio bought Roksan a while back.

Another program (besides Microcap)  where the owner has retired and made it free is Veecad, a Veroboard/Stripboard layout tool, which I found very useful when building the Leitmotif amplifiers.

100 years of public radio broadcasting in the UK. For the record the wavelength was 2800 metres (107kHz) and Melba sang Bremberg, Nymphes et Sylvains also Puccini, Donde lieta usci aria from La Boheme. Melba was 65 years old at the time.

Those who want to get away from it all might consider Tristan Da Cunha, the most remote inhabited archipelago on earth. Incredibly it has a UK post code TDCU 1ZZ. For the birds:

Another remote island with a UK post code is St Helena STHL 1ZZ. Talking of remote islands Prince Edward island is interesting, the Vela incident of 1979 when South Africa briefly joined the nuclear club.

More accessible islands on the Covid green list are Armona Island, Portugal and Porto Santo, Madeira.

Shemya island in the Aleutians is pretty remote too:

TV programme about converting classic cars to electric drive

Dell boy would love this:

Theory of guitar amplifier simulation

Advanced Spice simulation:

Repair technicians hacking ventilators

More on Huawei’s ban


BBC Documentary on the legendary Rockfield studios, surprised Dave Edmunds was not in it more:

Shoppers at Tesco in Baldock might be surprised that the EF50 valve was made there (ref in Dekkers paper):

Ever since the demise of the Tang band 28-847 tweeter I have been looking for a tweeter that would go low and happened on the Wavecor TW030 series.

How to get more accurate Thiele/Small params:

Inspired by the Raspberry Pi, the Rock Pi

What is happening at Intel? David Manners has a few thoughts:

Start ups and cancel culture

Distillation of self-help books

Rewriting history, pioneers of television.

John Broskie (Tubecad) has a couple of interesting posts on Crossovers

Pspice for TI is free

Open source electronics hardware projects

Secrecy and the Freemasons (They have good records, so if you are doing genealogical research on an ancestor who you think was a mason, it is worth getting in touch)

Interesting approach to quality control

Interesting software failure on Mars lander fixed remotely

Interesting Blog

Good article on development of a 3 way speaker

High tech again

Connection details and protocol of the Midi interface:

Skillbuilder: Midi For Makers

The oldest engineering society in the world is the Smeatonian society, which celebrates its 250th anniversary this year. Founder Smeaton was the designer of the Eddystone lighthouse. Famous alumni include Crampton,  Stephenson and Gresley of railway fame.

These enlightenment dining clubs:

160 watt amplifier without a heatsink. Maybe I should overcome my aversion to Class D designs:

GaN improves Class D amplifiers

High quality Japanese amplifer repair site (worth translating)

The Dutch art of Niksen, doing nothing as stress relief

Not a lot of people know that US presidents Hoover and Nixon were Quakers. Should be a good profession as you cannot tell a lie! Where I live has Quaker history. I cannot join as I have teetotal issues!


I have been working on active crossovers and need this refresher course to work on passive crossovers from one of my favourite forums

Ferrograph tape recorder site:

Jim Williams 1991 book Analog circuit design, art science & personalities


Be afraid. Fender cannot get the Swamp ash used to make the Stratocaster bodies. Meanwhile the story of Jimmy Page’s Telecaster. Also Fender are offering free guitar lessons.

A good expletive “Fermionic fock space” Yes it really exists!

There are lies, damn lies and statistics, how eugenics shaped statistics.

Latest in error correction Erdal Arikan and Polar codes

Kodak accidentally discovered A-bomb testing

PS5 teardown

Absent minded professor leaves H-bomb secrets on a train

Scary bacteria

Kef have a new driver


The subwoofer the above driver is used on:

Need new organ pipes?

Printed paper speakers!

Automotive chip shortage. More proof that JIT (just in time) is Bolingbrokes


Wood lighter and stronger than glass

Rupert Neve designer of the legendary mixing desk has passed away

The last hold out of the imperial weights and measures system is PCB layout. Confusingly Americans call thousand of an inch mils which gets confused with millimetres. Us Brits call them thous or gnats cock shortened to gnats . Other hold-outs include horse racing with furlongs. Just for the record a cricket pitch is 22yards (one chain) 10 chains is a furlong and 8 furlongs is a mile.  One chain by one furlong  is an acre. All from medieval strip  farming.  If you want to confuse your colleagues, when they mention “inch” say 3 barleycorns! Anyway 1 millimeter is near enough 40thou and 5 furlongs is near enough 1 km so you multiply km by 5 to get furlongs and divide by 8 to get miles and vice -versa.

It took Turing to explain to the Poles who created the Enigma decode sheets the significance of a third of an inch: The inventor of the perforated sheets, Zygalski, wondered why their measurements were so peculiar, with each little square being about eight and a half millimeters on a side.”That’s perfectly obvious,” laughed Alan Turing. “It’s simply one-third of an inch!”

I think we should go back to the duodecimal system i.e base 12. Tubecad said he bought screws by the great gross i.e 12X144

If you think the imperial system is  complicated try the beer barrel sizes

Double sided Veroboard available here:

Suez stuck ship power plant

An accident waiting to happen; big ships in the Suez canal

The Queens Consort designed his own hearse.

RCA Dynagroove (1963) The sound of tomorrow

Australian grumpy geezer. The Australians seem to be run by the same politicians as the UK ones!

How did I miss this, the Genelec 8351?

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