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May 4, 2021 / consort3

Gleanings 3

The worlds first polyphonic Synth

The worlds first flip flop (the Eccles-Jordan from 1919)


Ancient musical scales (including Pythagorus’ comma for Delia Derbyshire fans) How the heck did the ancient Greeks figure this out without HP test equipment?

What is a power chord?

The late legend Bob Pease describes distortion in this Youtube video

Police corruption

Cheap shipping

The Stooge in number 10

Whatever happened to six sigma?

32 bit DAC . There are lies, damn lies, statistics and  ADC/DAC specs!

I had the pleasure of meeting Royal photographer Ken Lennox who told me about Princess Diana

The extraordinary career of Freddie Gutfreund–2021/

The development story of the legendary B&W Nautilus

Surprising comparison of LPs versus CDs Despite the theoretical advantage of Cds the real world is closer.

There is a new standard for Midi

Sir Bernard Lovell and his 1963 cold war visit to the Russians

34 years after the murder of Daniel Morgan there is some justice.

A few years back the conventional wisdom was that Mosfets do not thermally run away; until this paper from Spirito


More on the Mosfet problem


Enlightening thread on the 3rd order  LR crossover

Sad to see that Stewart Tyler of Proac has passed away. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Stewart must have been flattered because around 2004, everyone and his cousin was cloning the Proac 2.5

Fired by Bot at Amazon; Its you against the machine

Why the Miami condo collapsed

Robin Schmidts music engineering tools

The beginnings of control theory. Maxwell again!

Origin of Stability Analysis

Audibility of Group delay equalisation

The famous Moores law paper from 1965

WW2 Axis database

Map of Sea level in 2050

Bidens botched bug out

What now for Global Britain after Afghanistan crisis?

I was unaware of the monster EMI elliptical 19×14 type 950 until now

From a British to a Japanese “bad boy”

Another Japanese “bad boy” from the same era

Audio restoration and noise suppresion

Japanese hi-fi civil war 1970-1980s Mines better than yours, from Spanish forum

Reasons for Boris reshuffle

The chip industry creates climate problems

Back in the past before DSP, analogue active crossovers were popular. The Naim Naxo was one such. Falcon acoustics also produced them and like me favoured the third order type. Here is a page on the Naxo:

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