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August 28, 2010 / consort3


Listening to veteran DJ Brian Mathew this morning, incredibly Brian has been broadcasting off & on for 69 years! He finally hung up his Microphone on 25/2/17. Brian was replaced with another veteran broadcaster Tony Blackburn on Sounds of the sixties. The slot was moved 2 hours earlier to an antisocial time. I compensate by recording the show on my Tivo box. Anyway, congratulations to Tony for reaching 75,  the jokes are the same as when he was on the pirate ships!

Brian played the Bobby Fuller Four hit “I fought the law” and mentioned that Fuller had died mysteriously just after the hit so that is the first one. But the song for me had Buddy Holly’s guitar style. So investigated  and found it was first released by the Crickets, Buddy’s group. Here is a great video of Bobby Fuller’s

The song was written by Sonny Curtis. So is Buddy’s guitar style influenced by Sonny Curtis or vice-versa?

“Nobody played Stratocaster like Buddy [Holly] or Sonny Curtis.
They had just enough West Texas dirt underneath their
fingernails. There was something about the way
they played that made it special.”

–Nanci Griffith

Nice webpage with detail on the connection between Buddy, Sonny & Elvis: Website is a great piece of Americana.

Another pioneer Elmore James

It is a mystery to me how I have not heard of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the godmother of Rock and Roll

Appropriate tribute to Elvis. Sister Tharpe’s song This train

19 year old Elvis singing Blue Moon of Kentucky. To their shame only one of the 4 big US news networks covered his death. He was a global cultural icon.

“I fought the law” has been covered by many, here is the inimitable Quo treatment

Talking of Quo forty five hundred times

If success is measured by Youtube hits the Clash’s version of ‘I fought the law’ is the winner with over 3million. I had no idea this was a punk anthem!

Talking of Quo here is Hank Marvin doing FBI in theirs and Brian May’s style

Here is the original take off

Quo have been 50 years in the business and here they unplugged their guitars for this tour de force:

Another helping from the Hyde park concert Zydeco influence

The mighty Quo singing the Bee gees first hit Spicks and Specks

Francis Rick and Andy et al are modern day troubadours

RIP Rick the quintessential rock legend. Nobody could thrash the Telecaster like Rick. Heroic output fuelled by heroic quantities of booze, fags and cocaine. Turn the volume up to eleven and play this

A tribute to Rick

Quo on Childrens TV, Tiswas, the Mayhem starts at 1.54

🆕Quo at the Proms!

Its billed as Bill Wyman and the Rhythm kings  but the sound track is Quo. Rick Parfitt played the piano on a live recording.  Anyway Chuck Berrys you never can tell

The unsung fifth member of the frantic four, Andy Bown, features on this medley

🆕Parody of Quo, Status Quid with Boring song (actually quite good!)

Charles Aznavour seems appropriate “She”

Talking of Hank, here is Mike Oldfield doing Wonderful Land

Talking of The Shadows here is Marlene Dietrich using their music:

A rare vocal number from the Shadows, Don’t make my baby blue

Shadows exiles Jet Harris and Tony Meehan

A long way from their native North-east  but with characteristic fog & farfisa here are the Animals with a record released 50 years ago

🆕More Animals from the same year Pleasse dont let me be misunderstood

Another great organist Keith Emerson doing Bernsteins America

Another helping of Emerson, Sibelius Karelia suite

Sammy Davis Jr in Germany Mr Bojangles

King Curtis Mr  Bojangles

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.  Some tasty machinery here worth a fortune today!

Triumph turntable with a nod to the cafe racer scene

Aretha  Franklin Say a little prayer

Talking of transport here is the Highway code sung in English plainchant[

Polyphonics with one voice, this is weird

This rocker has the surreal words Hi-fi chassis so here is Tallahassee lassie

More nostalgia Righteous bros Little latin Lupe lu

The original of Sloop John B

Another nice version

Posh version by Paddy Roberts

Another song with an interesting history Mack the Knife

Ella Fitzgeralds brilliant improvised version

Just caught the documentary on Neil Sedaka. Fair play to a guy who slogged his way round the UK clubs in the early seventies.

Matt Monro On days like these

Gonna build a mountain

Matt was huge in the Philippines and big in South America because he also sang in Spanish

Any excuse to hear more of Matt It is 60 years since the publication of From Russia with Love (the novel)

🆕Matt appreciation thread including track listings

🆕Most remiss of me to forget Dame Shirley, classic Diva, classic Svengali Mike Sullivan, classic rags to riches story. Here she is with Antony Newley showing her early talent and charm.

Trini Lopez

Paul and Jacqui of the Beautiful South are gigging again

Victoria Wood with a poignant song about adolescence

Whispering grass by Lofty

Soccer Mum drumming wipeout

Big band sound Faithful Hussar

🆕Dame Vera Lynn singing song to Faithful Hussar tune

Harry Belafonta Jump in the line

Strictly dont touch me tomatoes

1961 Ben E King Stand by me

Also 1961 Gary Bonds A quarter to three

Bobby Vee version of Summertime Blues from 1961

Cliff Richard Gee Whiz Its you from 1961

Del Shannon Hats off to Larry 1961

1962 was a good year for instrumentals, Acker Bilk with Stranger on the shore

Also 1962 was Skokiaan by Bert Kaempfert. Not a lot of people know that Bert composed Spanish eyes. Comparison here with James Lasts version

Sugar belly’s Reggae version of Skokian

🆕Great Masekela/Alpert version of Skokiaan

Another by Bert. Wonderland by night

Same genre Paul Simons Call me Al

Paul Simons Me and Julio

Just saw a great live version of this by the Chillbillies at Tenterden

Van der Valk theme I just dicovered I have Dutch ancestry (actually Van Valkenburg)

Back to 1962 Gene Pitney If a didnt have a dime

A little bit of soap

Gene Chandler Duke of Earl

1963 was a good year too Timeline:

This was in 1964, Dusty Springfield Live it up

Also 1964, Devil woman by Marty Robbins

Downtown by the great Petula Clark written by Tony Hatch before he was a finicky talent judge

Tobacco road by the Nashville Teens

1965 The genius of Benny Hill, great take-off of Bob Dylan

Donny Elbert She’s my little bit of leather, Northern soul classic

Harry James big band with Green onions

1966 Easybeats Friday on my mind

Billie Davis I want you to be my baby

Poignant version of Angel of the morning by Billie Davis

Just been to a Royal Philharmonic concert, theme Hollywood. Bernard Herrmans theme for Taxi driver impressed me

Similar jangly theme, the good the bad and the ugly

With my liking for alliterative names I have to mention Delia Derbyshire

🆕Delia appreciation thread

It is Sinatra’s 100th anniversary. My thoughts on Frank were ambivalent but attendance at a great concert by Stu Summers and Shades of swing convinced me that his virtues outweigh his vices.

Elvis had this Cilla song on his Jukebox, You’re my world

Another Cilla song, Conversations

From  a King to a Knight, Tom Jones sings, Carlton dances

Daisy Duke is the pretty woman in this Roy Orbison/Hazzard video

The late great Otis Redding on Ready steady go 1966

Another unsung hero I had not heard of “Grimsby fish filleter reels in fortune for Wacko Jacko” Here is Boogie nights

Also associated with Grimsby was Graham Taylor the Football manager who is regarded as a deity round Watford way.  With my liking for people beginning with B I have to mention Blisset and Barnes. Which Elton song as a tribute? I have gone for Your song

Just caught the retrospective on Elton and the other lad from Lincs, Bernie Taupin. I Hadn’t heard this for ages

Lulu and a Bee gees song She was married to Maurice of course

Lulu and David Bowie the man who sold the world

RIP Bowie. I was unaware of the Berlin connection. Rockstar and global cultural icon.

Tony Visconti on the recording of Heroes

Rick Wakemans tribute to Bowie Life on Mars

RIP Fats Domino the classic Blueberry Hill

Good obituary on Fats

1969 Crimson  & Clover Tommy James & the Shondells

🆕Music explosion A little bit of soul

🆕British original the little darlings

🆕Before my time. Dick Barton Special agent theme

🆕33 songs you did not know were covers

Legions last patrol by Ken Thorne and orchestra

🆕633 squadron theme

🆕June Tabor sings Lili Marleen

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