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August 12, 2016 / consort3


There has been a renaissance in beer brewing in the UK and US. I think it started with the Campaign for real ale (CAMRA) in the UK and spread to the US where it is called craft beer.  Dissatisfaction with the products of the large breweries in each country started the trend. With 1400 breweries in the UK and about 4200 in the US it has taken off.–finance.html

I recently found the best brown ale,  Lewes Castle Brown by Harvey’s of Sussex. Just bettered  by Blindmans Icarus. I must go and see the Widmer Bros Brewery in Portland, Oregon since it combines 2 of my interests beer and trains.

Maybe us Brits know something about beer

Beer and a statistics pioneer

Another way of measuring malt quality was by Allan Hey, Timothy Taylors head brewer from 1966 to 1995. He would count out 100 grains of barley malt on top of a cask left in the brewery yard to see how many grains pigeons would eat! Taylors use Golden Promise barley normally used for malt whiskies.

Reddit beer forum

I am only going out for one


This guy likes beer. Nice to see him doing well at Wentworth 2019


Taxonomy courtesy Ratebeer


How to make a 10 year whisky in weeks

I was amazed to find they still have prohibition in the US:

Beer domesticated man

Peru 450-1000AD, the Wari civilisation used Beer to integrate their far-flung outposts



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