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August 13, 2016 / consort3

TTL & Microprocessors

TTL (that is transistor – transistor logic) is 50 years old–more-or-less–in-2014-

Good article on the history of TTL

A 4bit microprocessor built in TTL

An even simpler TTL processor

A more complex TTL microprocessor

See inside the 74181 ALU

A TTL processor that does not use the 74181 ALU also interesting web-ring

Not a lot of people remember the Signetics 8200 series and the AMD 9300 series TTL

While I am on a historical bent, this site is good on old microprocessors etc.

The z80 versus the 6502

Simple z80, 6502 and 6909 computer designs

The development of the 6502

A FPGA version of the 6502

🆕Illegal opcodes of the 6502

🆕Gate level model of the Z80 in an FPGA

This on the 70s and 80s personal computer boom

Historical computer designs index

The modern way of designing a microprocessor using VHDL

These days you normally turn a 7400 TTL design into a FPGA. Here a designer has emulated a FPGA with 7400 TTL

🆕Here a designer has implemented VHDL with TTL chips

People still use DOS

The 16 bit (2 byte) microprocessor came out in the mid seventies


More on the TI 9900:

I have not been paying attention to what can be squeezed into the humble 8 pin DIL package. How about the NXP LPC810M, a 32 bit ARM microcontroller or the Microchip 128K X 8 serial SRAM? Are they the most complex chips put in the package? ST have also put a 32 bit ARM in a 8 pin SOIC package:

Cloning electronics hardware

Fortran is 60!

Humorous article on why real programmers use Fortran

A brief history of programming languages

Unix is 50!

How to design an ASIC on a budget

Sinclair ZX81 emulator

How HP got into the computer business:

🆕Don Lancasters TTL cookbook (12Meg download)

🆕Using FPGAs for audio processing

Video on a FPGA

FPGA design for software engineers

A DIY 6502 made with TTL

One reason may be why Basic is not much used now:

Transistor level recreation of the 6502

The Good Old 6502 Microprocessor, But 7000x Bigger!

A tiny computer for Tiny Basic

American Spectrum

Fifty years since the first microprocessor, namely the Intel 4004

The Transputer lives! I wondered what happened to the Transputer, development was done at Inmos Bristol, I seem to recall.

Iann Barron (inventor of Transputer) RIP

A TTL radio!

Old CPU site

FPGA debugger

Interesting TTL clone of the Spectrum

Protected mode on the Z80


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