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July 15, 2015 / consort3

Ancient civilisations mystery

I recently did a tour of the Scottish Islands and was struck by the henges erected 5000 years ago. A cult swept through Britain at the time. The climate was more favourable in the North then. But how did they transport themselves between the Islands and the mainland? The guide suggested animal skin boats similar to todays Coracles and Currachs:

I remember Tim Severin’s re-creation of St Brendans voyage in a Currach

The neolithic people were smarter than we give them credit for. A recently discovered example are the stone age man made islands in Scottish lochs.

Civilisation is older than you think

Interesting documentary on this

Drought affected the Indus civilisation

The Indus civilisation is older than first thought

Lost wax casting process is 6000 years old

Deciphering the Indus valley script

This civilisation was unknown to me

How the Vikings carved up England

The mystery of the Etruscans where they came from etc.

From 1565 to 1815 Spanish Galleons traded between Spain and the Philipines

Interesting theory about the Luwians (no, I had not heard of them either)

More on the Sea People theory

Another civilisation I had not heard of, the Kazars

Alcohol and civilisation 9000 years ago

Going back to the boat problem, one of the reasons the Phoenicians became an important civilisation were their longships

However the technology to build these was lost after the 3rd punic war:

🆕Curious article on the Phoenicians

Development of the Greek Trireme ship

What the Aztecs can teach us

Medieval Shangri-la or Utopia

Interesting Myceanean find at Pylos


They are finally flooding Hasankeyf which has been home to 9 civilisations:

Earliest evidence of wine production:

Hanging gardens of Nineveh, I wonder how they powered the Archimedes screw.


The economic collapse in the Bronze age

Did the Scottish tobacco trade cause the American war of Independence?

Neolithic people did sophisticated carpentry




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