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January 26, 2014 / consort3

MR16 Led bulb problem

A friend recently tried to retrofit LED MR16 bulbs for the Halogens originally fitted in his relatively new  shower down-lighters. However he just got a flash or nothing when the new bulbs were tried. This is a very common problem and is caused by the electronic transformer type supplies used to convert the 230Vac mains to 12V for the bulbs.

I could not find much on the net about this but eventually found this article which explains the problem in engineering terms:

Basically the LED bulbs demand so little current that the supply does not turn on. One way around this as described in the article is to wire 4 led bulbs in parallel to create enough load for the supply to turn on. The more correct way would be to use a Led driver supply.

More on the Halogen electronic transformers from Rod Elliot:

I have started to modify existing lights to use GU10 230V ac bulbs and found this firm helpful:

The most be one of the oldest firms still going, being founded in 1840

Flourescent tubes are now being replaced by Led types. Cree have had to recall some


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