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September 4, 2011 / consort3

Orwell festival

Bit off topic but I have done Economics so now Politics and lastly will be Philosophy. George Orwell settled in my part of the world for a time and recently the locals decided to hold a festival. The debate I attended was “What George Orwell would write about today” A good panel of Gordon Bowker, Rabinder Singh, Corinna Ferguson, Peter Hitchens and Vitali Vitaliev spoke and debated the question very well I thought. Interestingly, given the recent revelations about News Internatonal’s phone hacking this issue was not mentioned. Anyhow I read Peter Hitchens review of the party conferences and was dismayed to see Andrew Tyrie being led away by the thought police:

Peter Hitchens mentions the other lot and this is interesting:

Bob seems like me, a quotidian Spartist of the metropolitan left! Here is the real one:

Vitali told us that the Politburo had 100 copies of Animal Farm printed for them even though it was banned in Russia. Classic case of “Everyone’s equal. Its just that some are more equal than others”

The extent of spin

Sofa government

Cause of Brexit


Lack of press support for Corbyn

Nice to see the Labour party get behind Corbyn

The UK press are the problem

He is not a naughty boy, he is the messiah

Cometh the hour, cometh the Jeremy

Hammond has nicked the budget from Corbyn

Falling car sales point to  a Corbyn govenment about Boris

Corbyn was right!

The Excess has has an epiphany. It was obvious that we would be worse off with Brexit but it now seems to have sunk in!

🆕Somebody doesn’t like the Snail

Amendment to Tory manifesto

Rip off Britain

Connection between George Orwell and the Hitchen Bros.

RIP Christopher

They have hopefully saved the Tribune, the magazine George wrote for

Orwell claimed he was lower upper middle class. “ Probably the distinguishing mark of the upper-middle class was that its traditions were not to any extent commercial, but mainly military, official, and professional. People in this class owned no land, but they felt that they were landowners in the sight of God and kept up a semi-aristocratic outlook by going into the professions and the fighting services rather than into trade” Since engineering is presumably regarded as trade the British did not get the talents of that class in engineering. Orwell is famous for his essays. Here is one:

Orwell famously suffered for his art to write Down and out in Paris and London. Despite his writings we still have slavery:

Novel technique for teaching 1984

Another Indian born Journalist/Author was Rudyard Kipling. Other writers with a similar background are Spike Milligan  and the Durrell brothers, Gerald and Lawrence.

Paranoid, moi? Heard of Big Brother?

1984 has turned into reality:

Good blog on life and politics from a UK perpective now on Twitter:

Another good UK blog

Good blog on life and politics from a US perpective:


We are all doomed:



Ten ways the world has changed


Good summary of the EU political problem. I remember Ted Heath’s “There will be no loss of sovereignty”

Interesting article on politics and representation

How Thatcher denied the public fibre optic broadband

Old people are skewing British politics

The British used to be regarded as incorruptible but there has been a creeping loss of morality mainly caused by News International. Read this for a sense of disquiet: When you join an organisation where the leadership is corrupt it is very difficult not to go with the flow.

‘Fake Sheikh’ Mazher Mahmood guilty over Tulisa case – BBC News

Naughty gummermint obfuscating part 2 of Leveson

House of Lords objecting

🆕Interesting article on Max of F1 fame and the press

🆕Press trying to smear Max

Gary Lineker voices celebrity press fears

Useless politicos breaking election promises:

Orwell was a product of the British empire and all empires wax and wane



Dismantling empires through devolution

Whitewash on whistleblowers

Worrying article on unbridled private enterprise:

I have been interested in Mcafee since Belize, he was born in Cinderford, Forest of Dean!


An interesting analysis of conspiracy theories

A good explanation of income inequality

Obama’s policy change

Remarkably prescient short story written in 1946 predicting computers and the internet

Another prescient prediction from an alliterative author Richard Rorty

More prescient predictions on meritocracy

🆕More prescient predictions this time from 1968

Reinforcing why Trump happened:

🆕Trump vs Europe

Interesting article by an ex-pat

With Trumps inauguration this seems apposite

The “freedom from” and “freedom to” in the above link resonates with this comparison of 1984 and Brave new world

Orwell and Huxley may have got their ideas from Zamyatin

Illustrated guide to the difference between Orwell and Huxley

Trumps taxes

Trumps philosophical ideas?

More Trump ideology?

The antithesis of Rand

🆕Totalitarianism now

Anyone who can sack Boycs after he made a double ton is worthy of respect. Doug Insole R.I.P

Essex had not won the County championship until 1979:

There is a line of Essex and England captains and I believe it is the legacy of Insole and Trevor Bailey back in the fifties. Combatative yet sporting they influenced Fletcher, Gooch, Hussain and Cook.

Orwells state surveillance has become commercial surveillance:

Japanese optimist

Japanese pessimist

Unlikely Wolves fan

How to obscure your presence on the internet

Interesting comments on the philosophy of Alan Watts

Speculative fiction and the Nazis

On the 200th anniverary of Marx the person that impresses me is Engels:

Every man for himself?

Engineered for dystopia

🆕The current world has lost the probabilistic dampeners we got used to growing up:

London is virtually offshore

🆕Silicon Valley disruption:

🆕End of western civilisation:

🆕Why Trump had to cave on shutdown

🆕Activism in tech companies

🆕The seven moral laws that unite humanity

🆕Neoliberalism vs state control

I wondered what had happened to American retail giant Sears:

Sanity in an insane world

Back to Orwell


Dystopia on the internet:

These articles sum the 2019 election up

The Brits who will not Brexit

UK lurch to the right

Tony Blair gave you Sofa government. Boris gives you Loafer government:

Boris was not loafing, he was paying for his divorce

Big Brother could be watching you

Dont  need to say anything

Back to Orwell

We live in interesting times

Don’t Bother Learning to Code

The gradual disappearance of cooperation in the US

The wealth gap

What has gone wrong in the UK can be traced back to Thatcher

Blair bolingbrokes

Orwells 1984 could happen in 2024 with artificial intelligence.

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